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It was produced as front-engine, front-wheel or all-wheel drive. I have a strange bearing like noise coming from passenger side in front of the car. The gearshift lever stud assembly may not have been tightened to the correct specification during assembly. A five-cylinder engine, automatic transmission and front-wheel drive are standard on the 2010 Volvo V50. I have a 2006 Volvo V50. On vehicles similar to yours, a whining or whistling noise coming from the engine can be the result of a malfunction in the positive crankcase ventilation system. 1992 Volvo 745 driver In mr. 5 years now. Sure enough I unscrew it and it stops A whining or high pitched whirring noise when you first start your Volvo may indicate a faulty starter assembly. Drives: 2005 Volvo V50 T5 AWD: but never posted a question, at least not in a very long time. My s40 has the same whine. I called up volvo, and they said it was very likely the breather box. Fortunately, the latest Volvo V50 is actually the ritzy cousin of that much-lauded obscure object of desire (at least for Americans): the Euro Focus. 8 V50 with 40k miles on it. Ill probably do a 2004 v70 2. Technical Bulletin Reference Whining noise from 2000 Volvo S70 power steering? I had a whining pump in my 2000 S70. We had some work done on the car to replace the front struts and the front lower control arms. 0T LPT (light-pressure turbo) for 2. If you jack each corner up and run your hands round the entire tyre should be no lumps/bumps on the tread all even as such. Looks like ill be spending around 150 for the whole kit and some time during the weekend. My 2006 V50 2. Hi. 2006 Volvo V50 Repair Histories. 000Km 2. The 2008 Volvo V50 has the efficiency and compactness of a small car with the available safety features and poise of a larger sport wagon. 4 liter and it has a whine coming (as near as i can tell) from the drivers side top of the engine, by fluke i pulled the oil dip stick out while it was running and the noise went away, put the dip stick back in and noise starts again. Read the definitive used Volvo V50 2004 - 2012 review from What Car?. Find the best Volvo V50 for sale near you. Every used car for sale comes with a free CARFAX Report. Volvo P1-2005+ S40/V50 and the PEM (Pump Electric Module) can induce a whining noise on the lower frequencies of the AM-band. Klikkaa tästä kuvat ja lisätiedot vaihtoautosta. ie, turn left, noise increases, right wheel bearing bad. Volvo V50 Whining sound when car is in gear Inspection costs between $80 and $90 on average. Since I bought the Miata as a summer car, a lowered Accent doesn't really make any sense as a winter driver. See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs. Left turn, noise decreases, left bearing bad. 5 hrs (highway), a high-pitched whiny/whistling sound started from under the hood. 100% of what you just posted is noise. Remember Safety first! Accidents involving trailers are much worse with greater consequences than without a trailer. Also I don't know if this is connected but the traction control comes on sometimes for no apparent reason. Not the v70. To see how frequently 2006 Volvo V50 problems occur, check out our car reliability stats. Page 3- Whining noise upon acceleration S40 / V50 '04-'12 / C70 Welcome to the Volvo Community forums If there's a gearbox whine then you'll hear it somewhere What is the cause of this strange engine noise and white smoke from the engine? Ask Question 7. The wife's petrol V50 started making a strange sort of whistling / whining noise before the alternator crapped out. So I'm poking around under there while the engine is squealing like S40 & V50 (2005-2012); 2005 S40 loud whining noise from under hood finally found! its actually a recall from volvo. The turbo isn't loud on a stock T5 engine, I can only hear mine with the radio off at fairly low speeds (road noise overpowers it easily). market. In every gear, between 3500 and 3600 revs the engine noise is noticeably different and sounds similar to a VTEC engine as it engages however with no change in power. And how is your whining contributing anything useful? It's not, and you know it. Hi there, thanks for writing in about your 2007 Volvo V50. Your path: TSB Home >> 2005 >> 2005 Volvo >> 2005 Volvo V50 The following TSB(s) may apply to your 2005 Volvo V50. View all 70 consumer vehicle reviews for the Used 2005 Volvo V50 on Edmunds, or submit your own review of the 2005 V50. Recently for the past few days, I notice that whenever I start driving and depressing the accelerator pedal, a strange high-pitched whining sound (sometimes sounds like a siren) appears. I went to a garage and they advised me to fit a new bearing, charged 184 pounds but the noise is still there. 2 120k Miles. S. Hi, I have a 2009 Cadillac DTS that is making a whining noise from the power steering pump when engine is idling and when i turn the steering wheel it sounds like the pump is really struggling. 4I makes a whistling noise when the engine reaches operating temp. 0D Diesel No, that is not what a turbo should sound like. Couple days ago I drove home from work (about an hour drive) and noticed a strange whine from my engine when I pulled into the garage After reading online I saw people were saying that if you remove the oil cap it should stop the whine, and if it does then it means the oil trap needs to be replaced. The V50 shared was identical from the front seat forward to the S40 sedan, and as Volvo was owned by Ford at the time, the 2019 Lincoln MKC is a not-too-distant relative. JUNE 2010 -- Volvo is recalling certain model year 2010-2011 C30, model year 2010 S40 and V50 vehicles equipped with 6 speed manual transmissions. The V50 arrived for 2004 and was largely unchanged through 2012, when it was dropped and not replaced by anything in the U. 9L V6 Introduction to the NAAA ECR Standard Arturo Osorio III 1. AND it looks like they might be waiting for more complaints to extend this to even more cars!!! Whining noise coming from the top of the engine. doug's 6-puck it makes a whine noise during low-RPM engagement like when slipping it at a stop-light. Let's keep it that way. Turbos make a high-pitched whistling noise, you've probably heard it a million times coming from buses and 18-wheelers and never knew what it was. The Volvo V50 , the station wagon version of the Volvo S40, was introduced in the 2003, Bologna Motor Show. Volvo Oil Trap Issue---Whining Sound There is a history of problems with this that sparked them to extend the warranty for lots of vehicles. 1. greggcolter New member Registered: 10/14/2010 Posts: 3. Volvo V50 Suspension Problems. A whining or high pitched whirring noise when you first start your Volvo may indicate a faulty starter assembly. The lights also dim a little when you turn the wheel. I - Answered by a verified Volvo Mechanic Hi All, I'm a new owner of volvo v50 2. 0 diesels, Volvo V50 - DPF Identification . Here is a plot of how the sound level evolves with time dependent on whether the brake pedal is depressed or not. 0D SE. I flushed fluid in the system and put synthetic transmission fluid in the system. there was no smoke on mine. I've been driving the Volvo S60 2. When I brought the issue up with volvo of course they said it was "normal" There is a TSB on the noise but in my opinion it is BS (it is like 4 pages of trouble shooting, and at the end it says replace the EPS pump if there is still noise. Sound like possibly a slipping belt. The sound comes from below the air box. Highly unprofessional of you. If I remove oil cap the noise - Volvo S80 question √ Whining Noise A whining noise coming from the transmission area, or specifically from the front of the transmission, is most likely a failing transmission oil pump. A pump makes a whining noise when it is going bad or when it is working extra hard to pump fluid, in which case, you probably have a dirty and clogged transmission filter. Unfortunately, the warranty is only for the S60/V50 models. I've heard similar noises on turbos on BMs and Peugeots (they like eating turbos) and it sounds like the impeller shaft may have too much play in the bearings, causing the turbine blades to foul the body of the turbo under extreme high boost. Essentially a sedan-turned-wagon, the four-door, five-passenger 2010 Volvo V50 shares the same chassis and design features as its S40 kinsman, with the added versatility of a 63-cubic-foot cargo area. Models with this powertrain configuration get 20/31 mpg city/highway. If Oz Volvo helps you, consider helping Oz Volvo by subscribing for $2/month. Cab 2. and it did NOT make this noise 2007 Volvo S40 Whining Noise In Engine. Two days ago, after driving my 2007 s40 t5 (about 80K miles) for about 1. In order to retain your V50’s original driving dynamics, Volvo recommends that you only use Genuine 2005 Volvo V50 Parts. And during my ride to work today I listened and again nothing. The source of the information below is the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), which maintains TSBs for vehicles sold in the United States. 2010 Volvo V50 Overview. The only clue was a kazoo type noise as it came on boost the week before it died, i thought this was the new DV fitted by the "specialist" as i wasn't clued on the car at the time. To see how frequently Volvo V50 problems occur, check out our car reliability stats. 10 v50 - Unobtainium T5 R I have a 2007 XC90 3. Don't want to subscribe? You can also make a one-off donation. We've put together a quick guide explaining how the Volvo PCV breather system works , symptoms of a clogged breather system, and how to inspect it. When it first began I would feel slight momentary hesitation when driving at highway speeds, almost as if there’s a gust of wind pushing the car back. I have a Volvo s40 and it has loud whining noise coming from the front drivers side when I travel at A road speed and steer slightly to the left. 1 About NAAA $ 4<7; # # $# $ # "" # ! ! " #" ! # 657 $# # " # Moller International has completed the design of a 2-passenger sportscar capable of lifting off vertically and flying for about 15 minutes. Whining noise from 2000 Volvo S70 power steering? I had a whining pump in my 2000 S70. Towing Capacities When towing a trailer great care should be taken and more responsibility accepted. Volvo V50. Volvo V50 | Technical Specs, Fuel consumption, Dimensions, Power, Maximum speed, Torque, Acceleration 0 - 100 km/h, Engine displacement, Drive wheel, Tires size, Body A Volvo suited to both diehard fans and casual commuters, the V50 will make you enthusiastic about your driving experience. When it does this you get the high pitched whining noise your experiencing. 50 2. Whining Noise From the Fuel Tank. Hi All, I'm a new owner of volvo v50 2. Sharing a platform with a Ford Focus is something you’d probably want to keep under wraps; kind of like that cousin with webbed toes and twelve fingers. Had Major Tune Up Done At 82000 Miles, Car Started Making Whining Noise So Turned It Off An Let It Cool Down, While Waiting On Reading these common Volvo V50 problems should help you find out what is wrong with your Volvo V50 – or just what to look out for in the future. When you attemp to crank your Volvo and the starter just clicks you likely have an issue with the starter solenoid sticking which means the starter drive needs to be replaced. 5-litre B5254T3 turbocharged petrol engine, the positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) diaphragm may rupture. Sure enough when I pulled on the dipstick it relieved the pressure and the noise stopped. 0D - Turbo Noise/Whistleing noise. My car has a problem I have a 2005 European Volvo V50 2. Edit: The car is a Volvo V50 2005 160. 0D R-design, 222 500 km, 2009 - Juupajoki. I - Answered by a verified Volvo Mechanic Volvo V50 Abnormal Noise From the Power Steering Pump - 6 reports. 4 specific writeup w/pics if I replace this thing. 0D Diesel Since I bought the Miata as a summer car, a lowered Accent doesn't really make any sense as a winter driver. Learn about this problem, why it occurs, and how to fix it. i have a 2005 volvo v50 2. We’ll also give suggestions on what to do if your Volvo V50 does have one of these issues. I've been looking for an AWD, manual ride for quite some time and recently stumbled upon this volvo V50. I highly doubt mine is somehow the only 13 Pathfinder that doesn't make sounds. I have the symptoms of the OP with a whining noise, and a P2187 code Loud whining noise from under hood finally found! How to fix Help, Advice, Owners' Discussion and DIY Tutorials on Volvo's stylish, distinctive "P2" platform cars. 2007 Volvo S80 3. No boost and a whining from the turbo, abit like a belt slipping noise and the turbo was very hot after a couple of minutes. Suddenly began making this high pitch whining noise after the engine sat, turned off,  upon start up it takes about 10 minutes before the whining noise This sounds exactly like what's happening on my 2005 v50 T5 AWD with 62k  Volvo V50 - strange whine at idle - Hi, This is my first time posting here the car with the engine running scratching our heads over the noise. Find out the most common transmission problems, the symptoms to watch for including noise, slipping, low fluid, grinding & lack of response and how to fix them. When you lift it the noise reappears strongly and then fades slowly. Supporters get account bling and access to the Oz Volvo Subscriber Lounge on Facebook. What is the cause of this strange engine noise and white smoke from the engine? Ask Question 7. On higher trims, the V50 is fitted with a turbocharged five-cylinder engine and all-wheel drive. The noise occurs when the car is in motion and when parked. 0D Diesel Hello, I recently purchased a 2006, 1. dont drive too long as it cam seals,  18 Jan 2019 You may hear grinding, whirring, or whining noises from bad gears, torque . 2005 S40 Loud Whining Noise From Under Hood Finally Found! Now What Is The Cause And Fix? Volvo V50 T5 AWD, Toyota RAV4, MG TC, Jaguar E-type Like magic the My 2006 V50 2. I replaced the power steering pump today and nothing has changed. My Volvo v50 started making a low humming noise at all speeds  Volvo recommends using only genuine Volvo antifreeze in your vehicle's radiator . What kind of noise does cam belt wrongly to Volvo v70 petrol car? if the noise is a whine or growling noise, the pump is low on fluid or the pump is bad Does a Volvo v50 08 reg have a cam Nyt myynnissä Volvo V50 2. Wheel bearing type noise ? a loud whining noise rising and falling with the engine revs. Volvo V50 Expensive Problems. R Design and Drive-E models, but other V50s are more relaxing, and low noise levels makes it a good car for long journeys. 2005 Volvo V50 Technical Service Bulletins. You serious assert that talking about "stock 122 vs a stock 240" , "maybe compare road and Track" ancient articles is serious discussion? You're just on your trip. 0 Introduction 1. When the diaphragm for the crankcase pressure regulator fails, this noise can occur. For the Volvo V50 T5's 2. 2 by The Car Background: 2006 V50 T5 with 99k miles on the engine. Volvo Versatility Volvo V40, V50, V70 and V90: Volvo Forums - Volvo Enthusiast Forum then when I shut off the engine you can hear the whining noise slowly fade away. We have 40 Volvo V50 vehicles for sale that are reported accident free, 14 1-Owner cars, and 39 personal use cars. I have a link to a video video showing this noise. Volvo V. Worth a check as will be cheaper than a gearbox i would think. With features like interior ?theatre? lighting, a floating centre stack and ?Volvo intelligent Vehicle Architecture? the Volvo V50 is a top of line vehicle. Technical Bulletin Reference What's that high-pitched whistle coming from my car? Rob MacGregor I have a 2004 Volvo XC90 AWD T6 and when the engine is cold, there is a high-pitched whistle for about the first half-hour of Volvo PCV Breather Box Guide - Symptoms and Diagnosis We’ve received countless calls from Volvo owners unsure whether they have a PCV breather system problem or an oil sludge issue. Old assisted turning systems did whine but that is not the case in newer cars and it definitely not the case in the Pathfinder. Main dealer got me the refund from Volvo so I am still well in pocket over using even a back street I've been driving the Volvo S60 2. Hi, thanks for the post. Main dealer got me the refund from Volvo so I am still well in pocket over using even a back street 2005 S40 T5 startup whine - help? there is an extremely loud whine coming from the engine. Find out why the 2008 Volvo V50 is rated 8. 2, it has begun surging at highway speeds and gotten progressively worse. After this repair, there was a grinding noise from the right front wheel on accelerating and turning right. Fuel Pump 87 Ranger Ext. Symptoms of a ruptured PCV diaphragm include a whining/whistling noise that stops when the dipstick is removed and a lack of boost pressure. whining noise in a volvo s80 when accelerating but stops when you get up and going - Volvo S80 question Just another thought if you are getting what sounds like a wheel bearing noise it is possible it could be a tyre that has gone mishaped causing it. I can rule out tyres and bearings as both were changed last week. NHTSA — Engine Problems. Volvo constructed its first vehicle in 1927 and since has thrived from a small city industry to an auto market global leader, and more specifically with their Differential parts and components. lawsuits for the 2006 Volvo V50 intake manifold gasket leaking coolant oil sludge whining noise stalls while driving engine complaint electrical issue No whine, no noise, nothing. Oz Volvo looks nice without ads. In my experience, a bad wheel bearing, on most cars will get louder as you load it. The only car I had that did the opposite was a 2005 Volvo V50. The parts and labor required for this service are volvo v50 droning noise from rear gets worse as speed increases - Volvo Cars & Trucks question Volvo v50 2005 climate control puts out heat on driver's side and Whistling noise in the engine I have a Volvo V50 T5 and out of the blue a whislting noise started to come from the engine, sounded like a air was trapped inside and trying to come out. Called the “autovolantor”, it is designed to function on the road very much like a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) until one gets stuck in traffic. Volvo Differential Parts. volvo v50 whining noise

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